Corporate and Transactional - Cochell Law FirmCorporate Attorney Representation

C-Corp?  S-Corp? LLC?  Partnership? Sole Proprietorship?  Cochell Law Firm provides support and advice to businesses regarding the type of business entity that best suits your goals.  We help clients incorporate and address initial tax considerations.  Importantly, as your transactional attorney we draft Operating or Company Agreements for start-up or existing companies that help prevent intra-corporate or partnership disputes from destroying the effective business relationships.

For example, as a corporate attorney we routinely draft “buy-out” provisions that provide for purchase of your partner’s share of the business on death, divorce, retirement or if there is a deadlock in the management of the business.

The foundation of any business relationship with customers or other businesses is a written contract.    The key to drafting a contract is to know the client’s business and draft a contract that is designed to meet that company’s needs.  We frequently “inherit” broken business relationships that either started without a contract or suffer from a poorly written contract.  Regardless of the circumstances, we provide quick, cost-effective advice to clients on how to handle “problem” customers.

In many cases, our clients negotiate and enter into contracts that they have historically used over the years.  As corporate attorneys we encourage clients to handle their routine business matters with form contracts for routine business transactions but also recommend that such forms be reviewed periodically to keep track with changes in the laws.  In addition, we assist clients in negotiating contracts on significant, as well as routine business transactions that need the assistance of counsel.

As corporate attorneys we have extensive experience in a diverse number of industries and businesses that enable us to provide you with the kind of contract that you need to establish certainty, security and predictability in your key business relationships.  These include:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Asset Purchases
  • Purchase and Sale of Commercial and Residential Properties;
  •